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Pixis Portfolio

171,000 sqm – Paris Region and France West

The Pixis portfolio is composed of 9 individual assets totaling approximately 171,000 sqm: 7 office assets located in Paris Region (Paris 13, St Cloud, Suresnes, Les Ulis and Marne-la-Vallée) and 2 logistics warehouses located in the West of France, in Normandy and Brittany.  


The portfolio was acquired in November 2016 with significant vacancy. The implementation of a major Capex program coupled with an aggressive marketing plan enabled to reach full occupation and disposition of the assets through individual sales over a 3.5 year plan. 


During that period, Belvedere supervised the asset management of the portfolio, including the leasing and marketing of individual assets, and the monitoring of technical issues on behalf of his client. The last asset was sold in February 2020.

More Details


Location:   Paris Region and Western France

Asset class:  Office, Logistics

Total area:  171,000 sqm 

Main Tenant:   Orange, BPI, CIC, La Poste, GMF Assurances, Saverglass, Easydis 

Date of acquisition:  November 2016 

Date of last disposal:  February 2020

Risk profile: Value-added


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