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BELVEDERE CAPITAL founded by B. Cohen, S. Estienne

Updated: Aug 2, 2022


After having worked together for the past 10 years, first at ING REIM and then at PATRIZIA, that they developed and led, they decided to start their own venture operating as strategic investment and asset managers.

The decision to create BELVEDERE CAPITAL is based on the observation that many investors are not well equipped for sourcing, selecting, acquiring and managing real estate assets in non-domestic markets. The new company aims at providing these investors with the local know-how and presence they lack. This will be made possible by the long-standing experience of the founding partners who have been operational in Europe for the last 3 decades, in all institutional asset classes, especially in France, Benelux and Germany.

In France, BELVEDERE CAPITAL will focus on a selected number of institutional investors and investment funds, in order to create strong and long term partnerships based on mutual trust. In particular, as an illustration of this strategy, BELVEDERE CAPITAL can be the exclusive operating partner of an investor for a specific asset class (logistics for example) and risk profile (value-added for example).

BELVEDERE CAPITAL has chosen an organization based on a network of competencies, like most ventures of the “new economy”, and has identified a number of potential partners – individuals or organizations – not only in France but also in Germany. This set-up allows BELVEDERE CAPITAL providing agile answers to its clients for most of their requests, in all asset classes and for all risk profiles.

In Germany and Benelux, where the founding partners have had long term relationships with many of the best performing local actors, BELVEDERE CAPITAL scrutinizes a number of investment opportunities on behalf of French investors or investors that are based outside of Continental Europe (UK, North America and Asia). BELVEDERE CAPITAL monitors all operational aspects of the acquisition and of the asset management on behalf of its clients, in close cooperation with the teams of its preferred local partners.

Beyond the office and logistics asset classes that are the main focus of its business, BELVEDERE CAPITAL is one amongst only a few investment managers in France able to offer to the marketplace a very experimented and resilient residential real estate team who weathered successfully the ups and downs of the last market cycle, following the global financial crisis of 2007-2008. This holds true not only for core rental residential assets but also for managed residences and hospitality.

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