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Richard Léger


Partner, Technical

Primary areas of focus: project management (Real Estate and Construction) & technical due diligence / commercial real estate (office, logistics, hospitality) 


Richard Léger is the founder of Wigwam (2013) and former President and CEO of Corneth Van Ommeren France.


Following CVO’s sale to NOX Group, Richard became Technical Director for the architectural firm Archibuild before returning to full project management in association with the Canadian firm Macogep helping the latter to develop in France and collaborate to technical insight as Senior Consultant.


Prior to CVO France presidency and management, Richard became General Manager of EurOptima France after being a project manager for two years. Richard came to project management after a first experience with Mercure Engineerie held by a former teammate from Michel Pinseau Architect of the “Grande Mosquée” in Casablanca where both met.


Richard holds an Urban Planner degree from Institut d’Urbanisme de Paris, a Bachelor of Science from University of Montreal where he also prepared a Master degree in Science. Richard is a former board member of Heritage Montreal, Consultant for European Council for Latvia, Teacher at University of Quebec in Montreal and currently at Université Technologique de Compiegne in France (UTC).


Richard lived and worked in Montreal, Calgary, Rabat and now in Paris.

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